The Sales Map Workshop is a two-day planning session for small teams of sales professionals. Each team works intensively to develop and test an approach to winning a particular piece of business.

Participants come away understanding our rock-solid sales method, and with the software and supporting materials needed to repeat the process.

The workshop is also offered as a one-day “war room” focused on winning a single, critical sales opportunity.

Topics Covered

The Sales Map itself is a large scroll divided into four areas:
  • Fit – This area begins the qualifying process. The point is to help salespeople invest resources where they will do the most good, and also to quickly identify business that doesn’t make sense.
  • Relationships – This area explores the customer’s buying process and the relationships needed to drive that process. This requires analysis of the players, gauging their clout and then determining steps to build advocacy.
  • Impact – The emphasis here is on important goals of the customer and your ability to deliver results – or impact – that will advance these goals.
  • Advantage – Considering all the customer’s options, what are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in your company and solution? We go beyond features and functions to pinpoint differences that will be most meaningful to the customer.
The Sales Map Workshop includes a tightly integrated set of support materials – a 4-by-7 foot wall scroll for each sales team, a concise guidebook for each participant, and the software that encourages your people to re-use the method again and again.

Plans can be readily e-mailed, and a single click creates a formatted Powerpoint™ presentation of the plan. The software also includes rollup reports and a one-page Quick Plan.
Workshop Agenda
  1. Introduction – This includes brief remarks regarding workshop goals, a quick tour of the Map, and confirmation of planning objectives.
  2. Plan Building – Using the Map, the first day is largely devoted to building sales plans and documenting necessary actions. Most material is covered in the Guidebook, enabling the leader (and your managers) to take a strong coaching role.
  3. Software Overview – At the end of the first day, the Sales Map Software is introduced. Information is transferred from the Map to the software, then one click of the mouse creates a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Presentations – The second morning is devoted to presentations and discussion to improve the plans. Many clients feel this is a good time for senior management to visit the workshop.
  5. Menu of Clinics – The second afternoon consists of a mini-clinic on an advanced topic. The workshop leader and participants can choose a clinic topic, or this can be predetermined by management. Possibilities for clinics include: Creating Quick Plans, Shaping Buying Criteria to Your Advantage, Principals of Competitive Strategy, Identifying People With Clout, and Creating New Demand.
  6. Closing – Here, the session leader and sales management set expectations regarding follow-up for the plans that were created, and also for ongoing use of the Sales Map method.

Our clients are saying

I really like the two-page sales plan. You are really on to something valuable.
Gina Magaruh
Vice President, Strategic Sales
Nationwide Data Management Firm
Streamlined Sales Method
If sales methods are too complex, no one will use them. Many of our competitors try to differentiate their offerings by adding "unique" content. We stick to the essentials.
Focus on Real Work
The entire workshop is devoted to real work – building plans to win your most important sales opportunities. No competitor provides a more active workshop.
Extremely Collaborative
Important work conducted in a team setting is the most powerful learning mechanism. Your people learn from each other while the workshop fosters new ways of thinking and spurs action.
Easily Customized
Our guidebook and software have been designed to allow substantive customization. The point is to precisely reflect your sales environment, so the method becomes truly yours.
The immediate impact of the Sales Map Workshop is clear: Your teams will win more of the business they worked on in the sessions.

Longer term, you will have a simple but sophisticated process – and a common language – that will accelerate all your efforts to drive sales productivity and develop great people.