Why the War Room?

To Win Critical Business
When it’s a deal that is critical to your business, the War Room makes sure you leave no stone unturned. The session is also an excellent way to expand business in a key account, or establish a foothold in a new account.

To Align Your Forces
Sometimes, good work by your sales team is not enough – you need to align all your resources to serve the customer effectively. The War Room can bring together a multidisciplinary team to work on your sales objective, providing an opportunity for effective collaboration and fostering commitment to the common goal.

To Sell Something New
New sales situations – such as entering a new market or launching a new product or service – create new organizational challenges. The War Room uses your own sales scenarios to help you identify selling strategies that will work.

To Leverage Your Training
The Sales Map War Room is focused on real work and uses common business language, so it builds on whatever sales method your company uses. We treat selling as a rational business process, not the mystical realm some training vendors make it out to be.

The Sales Map War Room is a one-day planning session focused on a single must-win sales opportunity.

The session gives you an objective reckoning of where you stand and identifies what you must do to advance your position. We look closely at the customer’s needs and priorities, and at the unique strengths your team can bring to bear. The intersection of these factors becomes the centerpiece of your sales plan.

Building on this analysis, you come away with a detailed, action-oriented plan to win the business.

Output from the Session

At the end of the session, you will have a complete sales plan, fully documented, including:

  • A 4’ x 7’ Sales Map depicting your plan
  • A set of printed reports showing every detail of the plan – both analyses and actions
  • A fully formatted PowerPoint presentation of the plan

The War Room is a collaborative planning session, not a training session. We run it not so much for you as with you.

Your session will be led by a successful sales professional, typically with extensive experience in your industry. Additionally, we recommend that a manager from your organization assist in leading the session, and afterward serve as the principal driver of the sales plan.

Follow-up coaching from Anatolia also is available.

Rigor and Creativity

The War Room takes you through a comprehensive set of evaluation criteria and analytical tools in four critical areas:

  • Fit – Examine the fundamentals of the deal: the customer’s needs and budget, and your potential risks and rewards.
  • Relationships – Understand the customer’s buying process and the relationships needed to drive it.
  • Impact – Identify the customer’s important business goals and your ability to deliver results.
  • Advantage – Pinpoint your unique advantages and why they will be meaningful to the customer.

Step by step, you will identify what you know and what you don’t know, and decide what you are going to do about it.

While rigorous, the session also provides time and space for creativity and collaboration. The War Room sets the stage for breakthrough thinking to address your most important sales challenges.

Sharing Risks and Rewards

The Sales Map War Room is solely focused on helping you win – and it works. So, while we offer a fixed price option, we are glad to provide the War Room under a “cost plus” arrangement in which our fee is a percentage of the business you win.