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Our clients are saying

I really like the two-page sales plan. You are really on to something valuable.
Gina Magaruh
Vice President, Strategic Sales
Nationwide Data Management Firm
Paul Conover Managing Partner
Paul’s early career was as a top-producing salesman and sales manager in the technology sector.

For more than a decade now, he has worked globally with first-tier sales teams in a range of industries. The goal has always been to help them win major opportunities and manage their most complex accounts.

Paul has worked closely with sales teams at ATT, Baxter Healthcare, Capgemini, Cisco Systems, EDS, Honeywell, Intel, Nortel, Sprint, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Verizon, and many others.

“With complex tasks – like the development of sales strategy – working with others requires simple methods. I was seeing sound sales methods fail too frequently because of excessive complexity,” Paul says. “I created Anatolia to provide a method that is both practical and efficient – leading quickly to better thinking and better sales results.”
Cliff Wilson General Partner
Cliff has spent most of his career in information technology, leveraging his knack for communicating technical concepts to non-technical business managers.

His experience includes four years of technical sales support, seven years as an in-house IT consultant with Johnson & Johnson, and 10 years as an independent consultant. He has worked with companies in a wide variety of businesses, including: pharmaceuticals; medical implants and devices; importing and wholesaling; and, in the service sector, accounting and marketing. He also has worked with various governmental, non-profit and political organizations.

As Anatolia’s chief software designer, Cliff believes that the best technology is nearly invisible to the user.

“When a business process is fully understood and then automated properly, users can focus on the things that truly make them more effective,” Cliff says. “Like our sales method, our software is highly streamlined, enabling creative, action-oriented sales planning.”

What's In Our Name?

The oldest known map was created as a wall painting in the 7th millennium BC in Anatolia, or modern Turkey. This map represents an early city that prospered by trading obsidian.

We chose Anatolia for our company name because we like the connotation of planning that goes with a mapping metaphor – and also the suggestion of breakthrough thinking that goes with the very first maps conceived and created by the ancients.