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Our Practice
Anatolia Group LLC is a consultancy focused on helping clients win in the arena of complex, competitive sales.

We bring discipline to the sales process and also create a platform for effective coaching and collaboration. Most importantly, we help members of your team become stand-out producers

At the heart of our practice is a proven method for opportunity and account planning, but this method is not what makes us different. In fact, we believe sales methods are more alike than different. Rather than concoct something for the sake of difference, we have focused on the critical few things salespeople must do to win.

In this, we are relentlessly practical. Our method is easy to use and manage, creating the everyday discipline that leads to great results.
Rigor and Discipline
We are entirely focused on getting real work done in your fast-paced, highly competitive world.

Our workshops pose challenging questions that lead to rational assessment and effective action. Our scalable method and tools bring both rigor and speed to your sales process.
Ease of Adoption
Our sales method and software are without jargon and fluff, and can be customized easily to reflect the nuances of your business. This makes it easy for your people to embrace the method, and allows your managers to take leadership from the start.

We offer a variety of services, but we keep our recommendations lean. Our core method alone will take you a long way.
Breakthrough Thinking
Our highest aim is to foster breakthrough thinking, helping salespeople and sales teams arrive at more effective approaches to their greatest challenges.

Paradoxically, a structured environment is sometimes a prerequisite for creativity. Our workshops provide the time, space and intellectual spark to foment new ways of thinking in a highly collaborative way.

Rather than deliver canned material, our workshop leaders coach your people through the planning process, drawing upon their experience and knowledge. The Sales Map method enables you to leverage your best talent, with exciting, tangible results.

The Importance of Scale
When it comes to sales planning, your effort should match the significance of the opportunity.

For the most important accounts and opportunities, taking shortcuts is a mistake. Conversely, too much depth does not work well for smaller opportunities or when time is short. A “one-size-fits-all” approach can result in paralysis by analysis, or in salespeople discarding the method altogether.

Our sales method provides effective planning at real-world speed for deals of varying size and complexity. We include a Quick Plan that can be produced in about a half an hour, and we also provide the tools and resources needed when a more detailed plan is warranted.

Salespeople adopt our method and tools because they help them manage and close deals of any size, while also helping them work more efficiently.

Our Impact

We help you:
  • Increase Win Rates
  • Qualify and Disqualify Faster
  • Forecast More Accurately
  • Condense Sales Cycles
  • Improve Productivity Across Your Team
  • Build Customer Value
  • Create New Demand
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